Ancient Russia. The beauty of wooden architecture. Depth of the Russian North. Silence of Russian monasteries.

The Russian north in spring. Splendor of the awakened nature. Antiquity of mountains and lakes. These places carefully store their history in the nature of the stones, in the beauty and depth of the lakes, in the secrets and silence of the monasteries. The strength of the island is Valaam monastery. Inspiring, filling and purifying nature of Karelia. Here the soul relaxes ....

The opportunity to see the splendor of ancient architecture. History of Russia in architecture. A unique monument of wooden architecture in the open air.

The charming estates of the great Russian princes. Penetration into the secrets of Russian culture and Orthodox Christianity. The history of the rise of Rus, the history of royal families. The combination of ancient and modern Russia.

A comfortable and interesting journey combines the knowledge of this interesting country and the enjoyment of nature, rest and activity, full immersion in historical events and the life of modern Russia.

Route: Moscow-Petrozavodsk-Kizhi-Marble Canyon-Valaam-Sergiev Posad-Yaroslavl-Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow

Dates of the tour: May 28 - June 11 (15 days)

Language: English

Budget: 4460 $ (2 domestic flights, meals (breakfasts, lunches (or picnics), suppers), transfers, entrance tickets, full escort by the guide, interpreter services).

A combination of the beautiful nature of the harsh Russian north and the incredible wooden architecture of Ancient Rus in Karelia. Historical events in Russia, which are not written in books. Chambers and monasteries of Russian princes and kings. Complete immersion in true Russia.

Accommodation in comfortable, cozy hotels 3 *, 4 * (2-bed accommodation) with hot water in the rooms, transfers by comfortable minibuses.

Extra charge: air tickets to / from Russia, the  visa to Russia, tips, personal expenses, alcoholic beverages, extra food.

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Karelia. A beautiful unique region in the North-West of Russia. Three natural elements - water, wood and stone, intertwining with each other, create unique beautiful natural pictures.

It’s impossible to convey the whole gamut of feelings that these places cause in the traveler. Fairy taiga forests, clear lakes, virgin nature, abundance of historical monuments  and architecture - all this must be seen with your own eyes.

These places switch consciousness from the fuss of our life to the unhurried rhythm of nature. Here you are filled with harmony and silence. Absolute rest ...

Kizhi. The monument of wooden architecture of Russia in the open air. Churches, built without a single nail. A place on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Wooden fantasies of Russian masters in different epochs.

Marble Canyon "Ruskeala". The North Paradise. A combination of emerald water and white marble rocks, with their unique pattern. Caves and waterfalls. Silence, beauty and extraordinary emotions. A real reboot!


The island of Valaam. Orthodox friary. One of the largest spiritual centers of Russia. Here you can stay in the high-speed current of modern life, peer into the depths of your soul, touch the blessed shrine of the northern Russian land.

Here we will get acquainted with Russian Orthodoxy and feel the atmosphere of purity of prayers.

On Valaam there is a meeting with a shrine - always mysterious, depending only on external circumstances indirectly, and therefore it’s not a subject to logical analysis.

It’s surprisingly easy to breathe here, there are only few thoughts and  a new knowledge of yourselves is born here ....


Sergiev Posad. The city, named after the great Russian Saint -Sergius Radonezh. The very center of the spiritual life of Russia. Here is the Trinity-Sergius Lavra - a unique monastery complex, which is a part of UNESCO's cultural heritage.

The famous Russian doll appeared here for the first time. This city has always attracted artists and craftsmen. The famous icon painter Andrei Rublev worked here.It’s the birthplace of a Russian wooden toy.

This place is associated with many historical events of the great Russian princes, the history of the royal family of Russia.

 Surroundings of Sergiev Posad are unique with their holy places and healing springs.


Yaroslavl. The oldest city on the Volga with a thousand-year history. The city was founded by the Grand Duke Yaroslav the Wise. The only Russian city where the "Bear's Day" is celebrated. The bear is the symbol of the city. This is the first Christian city on the Volga.

It's beautiful, very beautiful .... even unexpectedly beautiful. Such an interesting combination of different historical epochs, modernity and natural charm.

Nizhny Novgorod. A magnificent old Russian city is located at the confluence of the rivers Oka and Volga. This city is famous for its Kremlin with its centuries-old history, many churches and merchant houses.

Not only the ancient architecture of Nizhny Novgorod can surprise you, but its nature too. Around the city there is a huge number of lakes, rivers and rivulets. Probably, therefore, people living here are always friendly and open.

A unique atmosphere that allows you to dive into the events of the 12-16 centuries ....


The tour program by days *:

1st day. Arrival to Moscow. Check- in at the hotel. Tour of the Moscow Metro, Red Square. Recreation.

2nd day. Flight to Petrozavodsk (about 1.5 hours). Check- in the hotel. Acquaintance with Karelia.

3rd day. Day excursion to the open-air museum of Kizhi. History of wooden architecture.

4 th day. Day excursion to the natural park of Ruskeala. The beauty of the marble rocks. A leisurely walk. Boat trip.

5th day. Day excursion to the island of Valaam. Visit Valaam monastery. Lunch at the monastery.

6th day. Visiting the club-museum of historical shipbuilding. Flight to Moscow. Recreation

7th day. Transfer to Sergiev Posad. Hotel accommodation. Excursion to Sergiev Posad. The Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.

8th day. Excursion to Pereslavl-Zalewski. The place of the youth of the first Russian Emperor Peter I. Monastery. Place of power Sign-stone.

9th day. Going to Yaroslavl. Excursion around Yaroslavl. Visit the nunnery with a miraculous icon. A leisurely walk through historical and beautiful places.

10th day. Excursion to Kostroma. A city as old as Moscow. Place of the crowning of Russian tsars.

11th day. Going to Nizhny Novgorod. Check- in the hotel. Recreation.

12th day. Excursion around Nizhny Novgorod. The spirit of antiquity. The spirit of Russia.

13th day. Excursion to lake Svetloyar. Beautiful blue lake in the middle of the Russian forest. Picnic.

14th day. Going to Moscow. Check –in the hotel.

15th day. Homecoming. to Moscow. Check –in the hotel.


* The guide has the right to change the program of excursions to the equivalent depending on the weather conditions or force majeure circumstances


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