Bright colours of autumn Crimea. Many-sided history. Deep nature. The beauty of architecture.

Autumn in the Crimea ... .. Warmth, comfort, peace and romanticism. Ruins of Feodosia and Chersonesos. Ancient cave temples. The combination of the sea, mountains and picturesque plains with lakes, caves, rivers ... If  paradise exists on the Earth .... it’s here, here, here ......

The life of people is slow and meditative here  ...

You can admire the change of colours from green to yellow and red  like the Roman patricians. And then, you can take a thin web of peace of mind with you.

Route: Moscow-Simferopol-Kerch-Feodosiya-Alushta-Yalta-Sevastopol-Moscow

Tour dates: October 07 - October 22 (16 days)

Language: English

Budget: 4560 $ (2 domestic flights, food (breakfasts, lunches (or picnics), dinners), transfers, entrance tickets, full accompanying  by the guide and interpreter).

Possessions of the great Roman Patricians. Deep roots of Islam. Traditions of Christianity. Beauty of nature. Beauty of people. The combination of cultural traditions. Silence and harmony of the place, which allowed the cave monasteries and caves of solitary hermits to demonstrate themselves.


Accommodation in comfortable, cozy hotels 3 *, 4 * (2-bed accommodation), comfortable minibuses transfers.

Additional charge: air tickets to / from Russia, a visa to Russia,  tips, personal expenses, alcoholic beverages, extra food.

More details about the main points of our route:

Kerch. Here there were so many historical events that you can visit different epochs in one day. Monuments of architecture, history, culture of ancient times. This is a real treasure with its ancient burial mounds, crypts, ruined towns, unique cult buildings, obelisks and monuments.

Here the great poet A.Pushkin dreamt of finding the ancient Panticapaeum ...

Excavations of archaeologists continue here until now, revealing new interesting facts to us.

Theodosia. "Given by God" -  meaning from the ancient Greek. It’s the pearl of the Crimea. A city that can make you fall in love with it at first sight. Air is wonderful here: dry and clean, so it's easy to breathe. It is filled with a spicy aroma of steppes and foothills, iodine sea breeze and ... history.

Different cultures and destinies of many peoples are woven in the image of this ancient city.It’s one of the oldest cities in Europe ....

In autumn, when the number of tourists is fewer, you can enjoy the silence, the beauty of shady streets, the beauty of seascapes ....

Alushta. A sunny  town. Comfort and peace ... The nature  is admirable here, it awakens a desire to meditate and contemplate. The bizarre mountains are around here. Mists that cause dreams and fantasies ...

Relaxed rest combined with impressions of what you see allows  your mind to relax and to fill with pleasure ....

Valley of ghosts. Unusual stones of the valley cause admiration. In this place, you just want to stay and converse with nature.You can feel how many memories these mountains, these stones can have: memories of the wind, of the sea, of people, of battles ... The fogs of this place produce a mystical effect on a person, it really seems that there are ghosts here ...)

Yalta. The largest resort of Crimea. The royal palaces of this city invite you to the history of these places ... ..Royal Russia .... Rich Russia ... the queue of the famous Russian families ... Everything is so interesting here that it simply takes your breath away. Your eyes will try to see everything, notice everything ... ..


Kizil-Koba cave (Krasnaya), with its largest stalactites in the world, underwater lakes, colorful colours, it fascinates ... Here you can spend many hours, walking along its long corridors and enjoying fabulous views ....

Sevastopol. The hero city. The city of proud seamen. Sevastopol is famous for its military history. The city-history. Getting here, you expect pathos and pride, but you meet with such friendliness and intelligence that you even get lost yourselves a little.

And then you realize how historical and blessed the land is here ... ... The land, carefully keeping its secrets, its history, its traditions ....

Bakhchisaray. Eastern fairy tale. This city is so different from all the cities of the peninsula, and it often raises the question: how did it come about here? ... .. Crimean Tatars live here. And everything  is filled with their way of life, their traditions, their culture ....

The beauty of Islam in one place ... .The magnificent Palace of Khan, with its famous history of great unrequited love ... .. Narrow, winding mountain streets .... Traditional food ... .All this fills with exotic and ecstasy ....

And near here there is a cave friary full of mysteries and self-sufficiency

And wonderful Bead Skete…

Chufut-Calais.A cave city. Once small peoples- Alans, Karaites  lived there. It is a real cave city. The city-fortress. It is increadible. The combination of the efforts of nature and man produced this unique structure. Now you can absolutely enjoy it, feeling the history that was going on here ....

Our tour program by days *:

The 1st day. Arrival to Moscow. Check in at  the hotel. Tour of the Moscow Metro, Red Square. Recreation.

The 2nd day. Flight to Simferopol (about 2.5 hours). Going to Kerch (about 3 hours). Tour of Kerch. Recreation.

The 3rd day. Sights of the city of Kerch. The fortress of Yeni-Kale. Pantikapei.Tsarskiy Mound. Melek-Chesmenky Mound. Mount Mithridates.

The 4 th day. Going to Feodosia. Walking along Galereynaya Street. Acquaintance with the city. History of the place. Temples of the city. The Stamboli’ Palace. Recreation.

The 5th day. The Karadag nature reserve and the Golden Gate rock (picnic).

The 6th day. Going to Alushta. A walk around the surrounding sights.

The 7th day. Journey to the Valley of Ghosts (picnic).

The 8th day. Transfer to Yalta. Excursion to the palace "Swallow's Nest" – the  visiting card of the Crimea.

The 9th day. The Massandra Palace. The Yusupov Palace. The Emir Bukhara palace. Historical events related to these palaces. The history of the royal family. History of the Yusupovs.

The 10th day. Journey to Kizil-Koba (Red Cave). Unreal views, cosmic colors, unforgettable sensations.

The 11th day. Transfer to Sevastopol. Acquaintance with the history of the city. Tauric Chersonesos.

The 12th day. Travel to Bakhchisaray. The Khan's Palace. Full immersion in the beauty of Muslim culture.

Cave Monastery. Beads Skeet. Sensations of hermits, people who live alone with nature and God.

The 13th day. A trip to the cave city of Chufut-Kale.

The 14th day. Excursion to Evpatoria. The Jewish Quarter. Ancient hamams. The beauty of the waterfront. Relaxed trip.

The 15th day. Flight to Moscow. Hotel accommodation.

The 16th day. Homecoming.

* The guide has the right to change the program of excursions to the equivalent depending on the weather conditions or force majeure circumstances



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