Visa to Russia

The time of staying in Russia for a tourist visa is no more than 30 days. The possible frequency of the visa is 1 or 2 entries. The latter option is possible if during a stay in Russia a foreigner is going to visit neighboring countries and then go back. This fact must be confirmed with the relevant tickets and tourist voucher to Russia, where the intended route of the trip is prescribed.

An exception is a multiple entry visa to Russia for US citizens, which can be requested for a period of 3 years, but with a period of continuous stay in the country for not more than 30 days.

List of documents for visa registration

The standard list of documents required to obtain different types of visas is as follows:

  1. A foreign passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the visa and having at least two blank pages;
  2. The questionnaire printed and signed by the applicant, which must be filled in Russian or English on the website (in some countries - on the site of the visa center);
  3. Colour photo usually size 3.5 x 4.5 cm, made no later than six months before visa registration (the size is recommended to specify for each country);
  4. Medical insurance policy, valid during the entire period of the trip in the territory of the Russian Federation (only for citizens of the Schengen countries);
  5. An invitation or a replacement document, as will be explained in detail below.

The visa to Russia for a child is little different from an adult visa. However, the legal representative (one of the parents or the guardian) must submit documents for the minor tourist, and in some cases a document proving the relationship may be required.

Please note that the list of documents may vary depending on the nationality of the foreigner. For more accurate information, we suggest you contact the website of the consulate or visa center of the country where you are planning to obtain a visa.


After you have decided on the dates of the tour, you can apply for a visa to Russia.

To issue a tourist visa, we send you an Invitation. To do this, you send us the copy of your foreign passport and a completed application form (we send the form in advance).

 Cost of the visa

The consular fee for issuing a Russian visa usually depends on the timing of its issuance. So for citizens of the European  countries  the following rates are established:

EUR 35 for a visa issued in the usual manner within 5-10 working days;

70 euros - for urgent registration of the visa for 1-4 working days.

Sometimes the price is affected by the number of entries, for example, a visa to Russia for American citizens is:

160 dollars - for a non-urgent 1 or 2-fold visa (within 10 working days);

250 dollars - with urgent registration of a 1- or 2-fold visa (for 3 working days);

450 dollars - with urgent registration of a multiple-entry visa for 1-3 years.

When issuing a transit visa, standard tariffs are most often used, although in the United States, Great Britain and some other countries it’s possible to have  a discount.

However, the cost of a Russian visa for citizens of each country should be specified on the websites of the relevant consulates and visa centers.

In addition to consular fees, tourists often have to pay for the services of the visa center, the cost of which varies about 30 euro or 33 dollars. This option is mandatory in those countries where it is not possible to file a visa application directly with the consulate, for example, in Italy or the United Kingdom. However, a Russian visa for EU citizens can often be issued without additional fees: it’s enough to make in advance an appointment at the consulate. A similar system is in the United States. It should be noted that such an option for filing documents is possible only in the case of a personal appearance of the applicant or his relative. If you decide to issue a visa through a travel agency, you will have to pay both fees: consular and visa.


Welcome to Russia!