Transport in Russia

Some facts about transport in Russia

Russia occupies about one seventh part of dry land and that’s why transport is very actual and quite expensive here.

Nevertheless it is always comfortable.

The train is the safest and the most romantic transport in Russia. Then goes plane. Mostly people go by car, because it’s the cheapest way. Besides, you can get in some areas of the country only by car or bus!

Internal airlines

Mostly we fly by internal airlines in every trip. These flights can take from 2 to 8 hours, because Russia is a very large country.

Planes are very comfortable in Russia, stewards are very kind and friendly.

You can be offered free food and drinks in every flight. If the flight is long, food can be offered 2-3 times.

It is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol during the flight.

Baggage, which is included in the ticket price, in Russian planes is 20-23 kg.


The most frequently used transport in Russia is train. Russian trains can be of three types (classes): a department (first class), a reserved seat (second class) and a sitting carriage (third class). There is a separable class - VIP. Planes are varied in comfort and cost. For long distances (more than six hours) Russians prefer to travel in reserved seats, where they can sleep and the cost of which is not high. Each train has a dining car, but food is not included in the ticket price and is paid separately.

Truly to say, this is the most romantic type of transport.


The cheapest and the most comfortable type of transport for short distances are buses. They are frequently used to get to places where there are no trains and planes (there are a lot of such places in Russia). Mostly, buses are comfortable. They are heated in winter, in summer there is air conditioning.


There is a huge number of taxi services in Russia. But they work only in cities. Most of them have convenient web applications and can be paid by credit cards. The cost is varied from $ 1.5 (in small towns) to $ 25 (in Moscow and St. Petersburg). Tip for taxi drivers are welcome, but isn’t necessary.