Siberia occupies about a third of the total area of Russia and is located from the Urals to the mountains on the Pacific coast, from the Arctic Ocean to the steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. This area is rich in minerals, valuable wild animals and energy reserves in rivers. In the 18-19th centuries convicts and exiles were sent here.

  Today we are met by a completely different Siberia. Attractions are worth seeing.

Cities of Siberia.

Krasnoyarsk. It is a magnificent modern city. People of Krasnoyarsk are real Siberians. They are very active, cheerful and very proud of their city. The most impressive sight of Krasnoyarsk is Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. This grandiose construction is a delight for all the guests of the city. And also wedding photographers like very much taking photos here.

Another impressive sight, but already natural, is the reserve "Stolby". These  mountains are interesting because of their form , they look like pillars. And when you come to Krasnoyarsk, everyone first of all asks: "Have you seen our" Pillars "?" 

Novosibirsk. In tsarist Russia it was a city of exiled convicts. The harsh climate and difficult living conditions were a difficult test for these people. But over time this city turned into a big shopping center. Now it is a modern city with a million population. It’s also interesting  because of its Opera and Ballet Theater. Here there is the only museum in the world of the Sun.


Barnaul. This small town is the capital of the Altai Krai and the nearest one on the way to the legendary Altai Mountains. The city is famous for the fact that the metallurgical industry was founded here in the times of Peter the Great (17th century). The first steam engine in the world was invented here by the famous scientist Polzunov (19th century). Now this city is very cozy, calm and incredibly beautiful.


Irkutsk. The Eastern Siberia begins here. This is Buryatia. They are shamans and Buddhists. The city is  located in the dense taiga and wild places. It is the closest city to the Baikal –the largest lake in the world. It has ancient historical quarters with the architecture of the 18-19th centuries, many museums. There are always a lot of cultural events here: musical and theatrical competitions, sailing regatta on yachts, competition of ice sculpture.

Interesting places of Siberia

Altai. The only place in Russia with the smallest population. Clean and wild places. A unique place of energy strength. It's not just beautiful, but incredibly beautiful. There is such a diverse nature at different times of the year. In spring it’s the riot of colors, diversity of flowering, fragrance in the air. In summer - the heat of the sun, the coolness of mountain rivers and many delicious berries. Autumn it’s the "flowering" of the taiga, when the entire forest becomes multicolored. Winter  it’s the white splendor, silence, peace and pleasure. There are so many unique places, covered with legends. The Great Shamans  live here. The mystical Belukha mountain is located in this place. After visiting Altai, you change...

Lake Baikal. The largest lake in the world. The lake is mysterious. Most of the area around the lake is a nature reserve, so here is the nature in its pristine form. The water in Baikal is so clean and transparent that tourists fearlessly use it for cooking. Nature lovers are fascinated by the beauty and the simultaneous severity of these places. Historians are attracted here by ancient petroglyphs, many of which haven’t been solved yet. Those who love legends and mystical phenomena will be interested in myths that are associated with almost every place of the lake and mysterious phenomena. In general, in order to view all the interesting things here, it’s not enough to have only one trip....

Khakassia. The land of myths and legends. This is the archaeological Mecca of Siberia. In Khakassia there are about 30 thousand monuments of ancient history. This place is called "Valley of the Kings", because there are more than 56 burial mounds of the great khans and rulers of different eras. It is the land of countless lakes: mountain, salt and mineral ones. Marine seals mysteriously live in one of the salt lakes. Boundless expanses. Time has stopped here. The whole nations and races passed through these lands. And the Khan kingdom was almost the most powerful kingdom in the distant past.


Sheregesh it’s Russian Switzerland. A unique and inexpensive winter resort. The microclimate and beauty of this place attracts many winter lovers. Warm weather, large and fluffy snowdrifts, a magnificent ski slope -  this is an ideal place for snowboarders and skiers. Or it's just nice to take a walk here,to look at the beauty of the mountains from the cable cars.


Belokurikha. A world class resort. There are so many places to restore health. The climate is pleasant here for the whole year. There are many high-class hotels. In summer it is interesting and beautiful excursions. In winter it is a good ski resort.

 Welcome to Russia!

Welcome to Sibiria!