Sacred Altai. Lake Teletskoe. Altai princess. Shambala. The Roerichs.

A beautiful and deep journey to the Altai. They  called this amazing place Russian Tibet, it attracts by  its pristine beauty, power and greatness. Rough mountain rivers, crystal clear lakes, boiling waterfalls, endless coniferous forests and alpine meadows - the generosity of the Altai nature fascinates and conquers forever.

It was here that the great Theosophist Roerich sought Shambhala.

Here and now, the traditions of ancestors are preserved. People living here deeply and honorably feel nature.

Route: Moscow-Teletskoe Lake-Chemal-Seminsky Pass-Ust-Koksa-Barnaul-Moscow

Tour dates: August 05 - August 20 (15 days)


Budget: 4950 $ (2 domestic flights, meals (breakfasts, lunches (or picnics), suppers), transfers, entrance tickets, full accompanying  by the guide, interpreter services).

Legends of Altai. Petroglyphs of ancient people. Life, traditions and history of Russia. Altai princess. Theosophists’ Teachings and the Roerich’s works. Tales about the great Shambhala. 

Accommodation in comfortable, cozy hotels 3 *, 4 * (2-bed accommodation) with hot water in the rooms, transfers by comfortable minibuses.

Additional charge: air tickets to / from Russia, a visa to Russia, tips, personal expenses, alcoholic beverages, extra food.



More details about the main points of our route:

Lake Teletskoe. The lake, covered with legends of shamans. The largest lake in Altai. It is part of the UNESCO heritage.

Place of power. People who come here often say that they recover very quickly after a city fuss. The lake is sacred for local residents.

The silence and calmness of this place pacify, allows you to be alone with your thoughts, look inside yourself. It is here that you can cleanse yourself of all superfluous.

Here we will make an amazing trip by boat across the lake.

We will see the most beautiful waterfalls

We will watch the unique natural phenomenon - "Stone Mushrooms".

Chemal. We are going deeper into the Altai. The largest mountain river of Altai - Mother Katun  flows here. We will plunge into the history of the ancient man and look at the unique petroglyphs, whose age reaches up to 1 thousand years BC.

We will see a unique combination of different religious: shamanism, Christianity, Buddhism. We will visit a unique Christian temple, standing on the island of Patmos, to which a suspension bridge is laid. The bridge is very beautiful, although only four people can pass through it at the same time.

Lake Manzherok. Since ancient times, lakes have been considered the place of magical female forces. In the lakes ancestors looked at the spirits, and it was believed that it was from the lakes that the fairies and nymphs come out into our world, and in the Slav mythology mermaids lived in the lakes. Diving into the lake, on one hand, symbolically means death and destruction, and on the other - rebirth and restoration.

The view on the lake is delicious, and if you take a boat and swim to the middle of the lake, you can contemplate the beauty of Altai without unnecessary noise and fuss.

In  July,  lake Manzherok is covered with flowering lilies. These are water lilies. To look at this beauty is a pleasure. Before in Russia the water lily was called "Overcoming-grass". It protects against witches, sorcerers and from all kinds of ailments.

Tavdinsky caves.Descend into a sequence of dungeons. Sensations of the Earth’s greatness. The beauty of the Altai mountains from the inside. Since ancient times, these caves have been used by shamans as places of worship of Spirits.

Ust-Koksa.This is the depth of the Altai. A few tourists come here. Here the silence and grandeur of the mountains reign. Sometimes unreal landscapes make us admire them. 



It was here that Roerich sought Shambhala - the perfect world.

We can immerse ourselves in this atmosphere, learn about many natural phenomena told by local shamans. And  understand the essence of human nature through the way of life in these places...

Our tour program by days *:

1st day. Arrival to Moscow. Check in at a hotel. Tour of the Moscow Metro, Red Square. Recreation.

2nd day. Night flight to Barnaul (about 4 hours). Breakfast in Barnaul. Transfer to Lake Teletskoye (about 4 hours). Recreation.

3rd day. Day tour of Lake Teletskoy by boat. Legends about the lake. Acquaintance with Altai shamanism. Visiting the waterfalls. Picnic.

4th day. Early waking up. Journey to the tract Akkurum. Walking to the Stone Mushrooms (about 2 hours). Picnic.

5th day. Going to the village of Ust-Muna near the large village of Chemal (about 2-3 hours). Check-in at the eco-hotel. Dinner. Excursion in the village. Chemal. There is an opportunity to purchase interesting souvenirs, get acquainted with medicinal herbs and balms of Altai.

Island of Patmos. It is a small Christian church. A beautiful poetic place. This place was a place of solitude for the prayers of a Christian monk.

Chemal HPP. This place combines the power of nature and the strength of man in one. A striking scene.

6th day. Excursion to the lake Manzherok. A special lift allows you to admire the beauty of the nature of the Altai mountains and the lake itself. Walking along the lake always gives a feeling of peace. An interesting plant grows  here, its name is  a water chestnut, people called  it "devil" for its unusual shape. You can look at it and buy it for memory.

 7th day. Visiting of  Tavdinsky caves. After the abundant greenery of the mountains, after the calm waters of the lakes and the turbulent flow of the Katun, it is nice to descend into the coolness and silence of these beautiful dungeons. Feel the sensations of the ancient shamans. Touch the stones that have  so many legends and stories.

8th day. Day of rest and full relaxation. We will have the opportunity to enjoy SPA-procedures, walk around the neighborhood, enjoy the beauty of Katun, rest by the fire, listen to local legends. It is possible to make a trip to the village Chemal to see the local fair.

9th day. Today we will see the ancient petroglyphs of Altai. Altai without exaggeration can be called a country of petroglyphs. Images of animals, dancing people (shamans), hunting moments and other drawings will allow you to touch history from the Bronze Age to 2 thousand years BC.

10th day. Going to the Seminsky pass (about 5 hours), a tourist base for athletes. A trip along the beautiful Chui Tract, which, according to the National Geographic magazine, is the fifth the most beautiful roads in the world.

11th day. Journey around the Altai Martian valley . Unreal cosmic landscapes of coloured mountains make no one indifferent. Picnic.

12th day. Journey to Ust-Cox village(about 6 hours). This is the closest village to the mountain Belukha. Belukha is a mystical mountain. It is sacred to the Altaians. An interesting fact is that it is equidistant from the four oceans, which causes a lot of speculation among philosophers and scientists.

This is absolutely wild nature. We can feel the purity of this place. The untouched places have been preserved by a huge number of animals, which live here.

13th day. Visiting the Roerich Museum in the village Verkh-Uimon. Here the great artist, philosopher, researcher Nikolai Roerich stayed. We will get acquainted with theosophical teaching. We can reflect on what he was looking for here with his expedition?

14th day. Transfer to Barnaul (about 7 hours). Lunch in the city of Biysk.

15th day. Morning flight to Moscow. Back  home or hotel accommodation.

16th day. Homecoming.

* The guide has the right to change the program of excursions to the equivalent depending on the weather conditions or force majeure circumstances




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