Preparation for the tour

Preparation for the trip

1) To apply for a visa, you need to send to our email a scanned foreign passport valid for at least 6 months.

2) We send you an Invitation for a visa to Russia

3) Study the tour program carefully. If necessary, you can ask clarifying questions to the organizer by e-mail:

or  WatsApp / Viber + 7-952-007-9595.

4) Study the list of things to take with you in the section What to take with you. Pay special attention to clothes, because the climate in Russia is rather cold and clothes should be warm and comfortable for the travel.

5) Take the address and contacts of your embassy in Russia.

6) Scan and save in electronic form your tickets to Russia and from Russia, a passport with a visa page. You can send them to your e-mail.

7) Keep contacts of your guide in Russia (phone, email, address and telephone number of the hotel). This is useful for filling out a questionnaire when passing customs.

8) When choosing a suitcase for luggage, keep in mind that during the journey we have many movings and  there are often domestic flights. Therefore, the suitcase should be convenient for you and weigh not more than 20-23 kg. In the Russian airlines, hand luggage of 5-10 kg is also allowed.

9) If you prefer to have a special kind of food (vegetarianism, for example), then you need to report this when applying for a tour.

10) If you prefer a single accommodation in a hotel, you need to report this when applying for a tour. But there are some hard-to-reach places on our tours, where, unfortunately, it’s impossible. These are interesting and non-tourist places that are worth visiting, so they are included in the tour program. The organizer will inform you about this additionally in the reply letter after submitting the application.

11) Individual tour (from 1 to 3 people) provides an individual program for a person or your company. Here we can visit any places you want. There are no restrictions on time. The program is compiled at least 3 months before the tour, since a special permission of local authorities is required to visit certain places.

12) We recommend you to familiarize with the legislation of Russia and the behavior  rules to have your trip comfortable and with pleasant impressions only.


With love, the team Let`s travel to Russia