About the project

About the project

In each journey we observe how a simple excursion tour turns for our guests into an exciting journey. Despite the fact that each trip lasts only 12 to 16 days, our guests have time to see many amazing places and find out how real Russia lives.

After all, Russia is huge ....

Russia is a harsh and magnificent Siberia ...

Russia is the subtropics and volcanoes of the Far East ....

Russia is the vast depth of the wide Volga ....

And everyone, who is getting into this country and living emotions during these trips, changes inside ...

The nature of this country imbues you with life-giving energy ...

The cities of this country permit you to experience the contrasting rhythms of life from the most calm to the most active ....

The people of this country allow you to be open and sincere ... ..

The spirituality of this country is so strong that it allows you to go any way ... ..

Opportunities in this country allow you to become who you want ....

And we invite you to see all these things with your own eyes in our travels!


The main emphasis, idea, difference. Our travels often take place on non-tourist routes. We are in no hurry. We often communicate with the local population, eat the usual cuisine of the area where we rest (and it is very diverse!), Get acquainted with various spiritual cultures (shamanism, Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, paganism), participate in master classes in ancient Russian crafts (pottery, gold painting, weaving, Russian cooking, Russian doll  painting). And, of course, nature, nature, nature. It allows you to rebuild much strength, nourish yourself, and this energy is enough  for a very long time.

Regions and routes: Karelia, “The Golden Ring” of Russia, Baikal, Altai, the Far East, Ural, Issyk-Kul, Uzbekistan (Great Silk Road), Mongolia. Photos of our tours can be found here: many photos, and some reviews here: Reviews.

Languages: In our travels, our friends- interpreters always help us. Common language groups: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish. Although, on request, almost any language is possible.

A real journey takes us to ourselves. So the sightseeing tour turns into an internal investigation of ourselves. Time and money spent on such a journey become a multiply investment in our health and happiness. We all need time to be with ourselves, to think about our lives, to see in contrast what is important and what is not very important.

 Travel is an excellent excuse to escape into yourself to disconnect from the usual things. Nobody returns from these places the same as before departure. These trips change us, refresh the mind and feelings, energize us.

If you have already  spent a lot of years on the beaches and in popular tourist places,  one day you will understand that you want something about what you can remember all your life, telling others with enthusiasm.

About the author of the project:

 Nadia. All my life I lived in the Altai, although I was born in the Urals. Probably, both of these places have forever determined my love for Russia, for the nature of this unique country, for its people. Then, traveling around Russia a lot, I understood that, as far as it is diverse, its territory is simply huge. When the working day begins in Moscow, people in Vladivostok already go back home and have supper. The different rhythm of life in different regions makes you change, and it's just incredible. There are places where you are recovering and places that require the greatest strength  from you. People of this country do not wear "masks".

Then, having visited many other countries, having felt their way of life, their energy, I appreciated the country in which I live from a completely different angle. I understood the uniqueness of many places in Russia. And I wanted to share this.

That’s why my colleagues and guides created this project.

Enjoy these travels with us.

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