Our tours

Travel  impregnated with confidence. We discuss the variations of the standard route together to make the tour as interesting as possible. We spend long evenings talking about life.

We try to make travel as accessible to most people as possible. Including visiting non-tourist places. Often our routes pass through hard-to - reach  places, that's why we use special transport, you can read more about this in the section Transport in Russia.

We recruit and organize groups and have individual tours since 2011. You can easily catch the moments of our mood, the atmosphere of our travels in the section of photo-reports.

Preparation for each journey takes about 2 months. Each program is written with a soul and creative enthusiasm. We try to experience all this way in advance, we piece it together and try to combine the places and the days of the route.

After each 2-weeks trip, the guide / author of the trip rests, engaged in free creativity, family or new ideas. This is our work and it is a joy for us.

Our travels don’t have  rigid frameworks in terms and plans. It means you can decide about your trip at the last minute. But this also means that some items of the program may change during the journey. We act on the basis of the situation.

A part of our travels has an element of risk. Be ready to take responsibility for your choice, especially when you are going on a highland expedition.

We do not require an advance payment for travel, except some situations, when it is necessary  to purchase air tickets for domestic flights.

All our guides are very interesting people. They are personalities with a wide range of hobbies. You can talk with them about life in Russia (or other country where the journey takes place), culture, traditions, etc. Each of our guides is engaged in self-development.

We help to make the multi-dimensional journey of the traveler as safe, organized and clear as possible. But people come to Russia having other dreams .... You will see it yourself!


With love, the team Let`s travel to Russia