Individual tours


Individual tours with Let's travel to Russia - it's an open road to travel at a convenient time and dates , along the route that will look like in your dreams. The trip will be organized and carried  out  with all our responsibility and sincere care, but it will require your reciprocal participation in the creation of a route that will meet your wishes. As with group tours, every day of your life will be filled with the beauty and ethnicity of the country you travel to.

The author's individual itinerary is a sketch and not a plan as in the case of group travel routes, when the days of travel are fixed. Flexible hotel booking will allow us to decide on the spot  how long we will stay in one place or another. Every day, in the morning or in the evening, we can supplement this sketch with new ideas and plans.

You can choose a local Russian-speaking guide or go on a trip together with experienced Russian guides.

For this you need:

- your team (you invite the participants of the trip yourself)

- financial opportunities ( an individual tour is often more expensive than participation in author's group travel)

- independent registration of insurance and visa (with help of  our detailed consultations)

- independent purchase of air tickets for international flights (with our support if necessary)

Our work is as follows:

- the selection of hotels considering  your wishes and opportunities. Flexible reservation.

- Selection of cars, jeeps and other transport on the trip. Individually. Taking into account your wishes and opportunities.

- Creating of a travel itinerary with your wishes in mind.

- Professional accompaniment.

Countries where we can provide the most confident support and  the top level maintenance  - Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia.