The border of Europe and Asia. The Ancient Urals. Mystical Arkaim. Unforgettable and magnificent Siberia. The majestic Baikal.

September 2018. The border of Europe and Asia. The Ancient Urals. Mystical Arkaim. Unforgettable and magnificent Siberia. The majestic Baikal.

The real center of Russia. Its heart. It is from here that Russian tales originate. Ancient and mysterious Ural mountains. The border between Europe and Asia and a fairy-tale world. Inimitable Russian taiga.

Secrets of the Ancient City Arkaim. The Chelyabinsk meteorite.

  The majestic Baikal. A lot of useful and interesting information that other travel agencies rarely give. Its a deep journey !!!.        



Route: Moscow-Chelyabinsk-Yekaterinburg-Krasnoyarsk-Irkutsk-Baikal-Moscow

Tour dates: September 14 - September 28 (16 days)

Language: English

Budget: 5060 $ (4 domestic flights, meals (breakfasts, lunches and dinners + hiking picnics), transfers, entrance tickets, full accompaniment  by a guide and an interpreter).

Ural fairy tales. Heart of the Ural mountains. The last days of the royal family. Magnificent Krasnoyarsk taiga. Mystery and legends of Baikal. Shamanism and Buddhism. Russian historical places  with their secrets.

Accommodation at comfortable, cozy hotels 3 *, 4 * (2-bed accommodation) with hot water in the rooms, transfers by comfortable minibuses.

Additional charges: air tickets to / from Russia, a visa to Russia, tips, personal expenses, alcoholic beverages, extra food.


More details about the main points of our route:

Chelyabinsk. A city of metallurgists. It is the area of precious stones and gems. This place brings up creative and purposeful people, giving them an  incredible physical and spiritual strength.

We will look deep into the Russian roots. Fairy tales and legends were born here and they reflect the mysterious Russian soul. The mountains, full of mysticism, amaze with its beauty and antiquity. Countless number of lakes resembles the beautiful blue eyes of Russian girls. Fine birch forests are  full of  light. And in autumn the nature, beloved by artists and photographers, is painted with bright colour.

Here we learn from eyewitnesses about the famous "Chelyabinsk meteorite".


Arkaim. This is a place of power with a magical appeal. In 3-2 centuries BC there was a fortified settlement in this territory. It belonged to the "Country of Cities." The city, built in accordance with the constellations of our solar system.

Archaeologists have discovered this city only recently, in 1987. Now there are many questions related to this place. Let's try to  feel why this area is so unusual.


Yekaterinburg. The city founded by the first Russian Emperor Peter I. And this city is named after the wife of Peter I-Catherine I. The city itself contains many secrets in its history. Most of them are associated with the royal family, including the sad events of the 1917 revolution. It was under Yekaterinburg that the whole royal family of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II was shot.


Krasnoyarsk. This city is located in the middle of the severe Siberian taiga. The majestic Sayans  mountains with their amazing power and beauty are around this city.

The geographical uniqueness of Krasnoyarsk lies in the fact that it is located on the border of Western and Eastern Siberia. Mentally, the city is considered to be East Siberian, although geographically, the Yenisei River divides the territory of Siberia into Western and Eastern. Thus, the left bank of the city is Western Siberia, and the right bank is the Eastern one. The Krasnoyarsk people are also confident that right-bank and left-bank residents are absolutely different in spirit.

Baikal. The largest lake in the world ... .But people who live near this lake never call it "lake", they always say with reverence: "The sea ..."

This is the place of the Great Shamans. A place where people believe in the spirits of nature. The place of Buddhism, where monks take strength in their prayers and meditations.

Here you can enjoy beautiful views, you can meditate, you can just breathe in this incredibly clean air, you can communicate with Shamans, with Buddhist Lamas, and, finally, you can look into the very essence of Russian Siberia ....

Olkhon. The largest island of Lake Baikal. And the most mysterious.

From ancient times the Great Shamans made their rituals here. Shamans who are speaking with the Spirits of Nature. An island that has a unique energy. The power of Baikal water, the power of the rocks of the Great Earth, fogs and sunsets.

After this trip you will never be the same. Here you purify yourself and recover at the same time. You want to be silent here. You want to listen here. Nature……



Our tour program  by days*:

1st day. Arrival to Moscow. Check-in  at the hotel. Tour of the Moscow Metro, Red Square. Recreation.

2nd day. Night flight to Chelyabinsk. Acquaintance with the city. Visiting the famous "Chelyabinsk meteorite". Recreation

3rd day. A trip to Arkaim. Here we will get acquainted with this amazing Slavic city. This ancient city, built in the form of a spiral, raises many questions among scientists around the world.

4th day. Going to Yekaterinburg. Tour of Yekaterinburg. The history of this city. Recreation.

5th day. Excursion to the Kungur ice caves. The tour takes all day. But the beauty of these caves doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

6th day. Excursion to the historical place "Ganin’s pit". The place is connected with the history of the last royal family. Visit to the Christian church. The second excursion is to the border of Europe and Asia. Night flight to Krasnoyarsk (3 hours).

7th day. Krasnoyarsk. Acquaintance with the city - the center of Siberia. We will visit the famous Krasnoyarsk hydro power station. The beauty and grandeur of Krasnoyarsk impresses even the Russian people who come here. And the Krasnoyarsk people are very proud of their city, and not in vain ... ..

 8th day. Excursion to the real Siberian taiga to the natural monument "Stolby".

 9th day. Flight to Irkutsk. Tour of Irkutsk. Visiting the historic street, which has a unique architecture of 16th - 19th centuries houses. Recreation

10th day. Transfer to Lake Baikal in the village of Listvyanka. On the way we visit the museum of wooden architecture in the open air "Taltsy". Acquaintance with Baikal. Visiting the observation deck.

 11th day. Railway excursion around the Circum-Baikal railway. It is a unique object, the result of engineering thought. Among the railways it is considered  one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

12th day. Transfer to Olkhon. The largest island on Lake Baikal. And the most mystical. This place especially revered by shamans. Accommodation in the hotel in the village Khuzhir. Visiting the sacred Shamanka’s rock on Cape Burkhan.

 13th day. Excursion around the island to the place of power - Cape Khoboy. This is a protected area, therefore there are no roadways here. And a Russian safari is waiting for us.

14th day. Boat trip to the island  Ogoi to see the Buddhist Mortar of Enlightenment.

 15th day. Transfer to Irkutsk. Walking, rest. Farewell party.

 16th day. Flight to Moscow. Check in at the hotel or flight home.

* The guide has the right to change the program of excursions to the equivalent depending on the weather conditions or force majeure circumstances

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