What to take with you

An average list of necessary  things for traveling in Russia

1)A backpack about 35-50 liters OR a suitcase + preferably a small backpack or a  handbag  for carrying minimal personal belongings in daytime walks (water, camera, warm jacket for evening in the warm season or a thermos - in the cold weather)

2) It is good to have a small thermos (or a thermo mug). Even in the warm season (in summer), we often visit mountainous areas, where it is cold in the evenings.

3) Camera and phone charges (adapters are usually not required)

4) Personal  medicines

CLOTHES for a warm season (from May to September)


- 2-3 comfortable cotton T-shirts and you can take a T-shirt with  long sleeves

 - a warm jacket + a light jacket (for +5  +10 degrees temperature)

 - a pair of pants, you can wear jeans, but pants are more comfortable for hikes

 - some pairs of good cotton socks

 - a cap or bandana to protect your head from the bright  sun

-shorts (not very short)

-- good loose shoes - sturdy sneakers

- a swimsuit

-  shower slates

CLOTHES for the cold season (from October to April)

- 2-3 comfortable cotton T-shirts, you can also take a T-shirt with  long sleeves

- a warm jacket (sweatshirt) + a  jacket (for low temperatures from -5 to -25 degrees depending on the month )

- a warm knitted hat (for low temperatures from -5 to -25 degrees depending on the month)

-gloves or mittens

-a warm scarf

- a face towel

- jeans (trousers) for travelling by airplane or train.

 - warm legginds

- warm trousers with a high back (for example a ski suit,  for a temperature from -5 to -25 degrees depending on the month of travel)

- some pairs of good cotton socks

- warm socks

- good loose shoes, it’s better to have sport shoes( for a temperature from-5 to -25 degrees depending on the month of travel)

- a swimsuit (for bathing in hot springs and sometimes in SPA-salons)

-  shower slates

Regardless of the season:

- cream for the lips and skin (protecting from the sun and wind)

- sun block

-personal hygiene items

- Sunglasses

- earplugs (if sensitive to noise)

- we have quite a long travel, so you can take a book \ audio player, etc.

- a camping knife for cleaning fruit

-a hairdryer (sometimes we are in hard-to-reach places where a hairdryer is not provided in hotels)

- "drive" or "flash drive" for rewriting / recording photos and videos of travel

money and documents need to be kept  in a convenient bag (over the shoulder, at the waist, around the neck), don’t lose control of your bag.

It’s better to make copies of  your ticket and  passport (the first page and the visa)

and save them on any available website /  personal mail having an accessible format of JPEG, Adobe or any other easily readable

Recommended medicines:

- ointments for pain in joints and injuries (as well as iodine, plaster, etc.).

- Cures for  gastrointestinal disorders

- Cold medicine, aspirin.

- antiseptics.

- plasters, disinfectants and napkin.

- painkillers.

Don’t forget:

Books for audio-listening, music, memory cards \ flash cards for photo sharing

Hairdryer, shower slippers, towel

Earplugs, if you are sensitive to noise.

Take a pen with you on the plane, don’t forget the telephone number of the meeting guide, the name of the hotel and its address. This is useful for questionnaires given on the airplane.