In spite of your guide’s efforts to make your travelling  comfortable and  safe ,you should remember that Russia is an unpredictable country and sometimes your plans can be destroyed. A good sense of humor will definitely help  you to cope with this country. It doesn’t matter why you decide to visit Russia –just for travelling or you have your own aims , anyway it’s better  to treat philosophically any problems


Be careful in crowded places. Keep your eyes open. Many unpleasant  incidents happen because of tourist’s inattention.

Before leaving the hotel be sure you have your hotel business card.

Don’t carry your bags or backpacks with money behind your back. Only in front of you.

Most tourists suffer from their own disorder that can lead to theft or loss of valuables. You should lock your doors, keep documents and valuables with you, while travelling, do not trust your things to strangers.

If you are actively talking to a company of strangers, treat this carefully, in Russia, theft at a fairly high level. If you need to ask something, it's better to turn to a lone pedestrian, who causes confidence, or a policeman.

Don’t eat just anything and  anywhere especially heavy, stale, dirty food or food of unknown origin.

Drink only water from bottles.

Don’t pull out your purse stuffed with money in public places ( busses, shops). Put aside the necessary sum  in advance.

If you decide to travel on your own, remember - before you take a taxi, negotiate a price (bargain). It is best to call a taxi from a registered operator by phone or the Internet (many operators in Russia have mobile applications).

Russia is a country with right-hand traffic. Crossing the street you should look first to the left, and then to the right.


Be careful, cross the street only on pedestrian crossings. In Russia, often pedestrians are fined by the police for violations of traffic rules.

Moreover  in Russia there is  a law on the prohibition of smoking in public places. It should be borne in mind too. You can smoke only in the designated places.